Our Philosophy


who is Veterans REsponse...

Veterans Response is a one stop charitable “go to” organisation that seeks to meet the needs of our armed forces veterans and their families. We will either do that directly or through our signposting that will point you in the direction of one of our many partner organisations.


Why Veterans Response?

Why are we needed?, put simply, because there is a gap , there is a gap and huge under provision in services and support available to our veterans and we along with our partners seek to go a little way to filling that gap.


What services does Veterans Response and its partner organisations offer ?

·       Guidance and counselling

·       Housing Advice

·       Training and education

·       Homes and supported accommodation

·       Furniture packages

·       Property support and maintenance

·       Employment

·       Mentoring service


Why does Veterans Response and our Veterans need you?

We all need you to support us please whether that be through sharing what we do on your facebook page or offering some of your time, or maybe even giving us some of your unwanted furniture and/household items for us to recycle in our recycling project; but most importantly if you can afford it? a financial contribution either in the form of a purchase from our goods for sale or maybe a donation; but one thing for sure whatever you do we will appreciate it “Thankyou”